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Amplifying Your Inner Powers : Power of Balancing – Online Youth Retreat

October 18 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Take time to rejuvenate. It’s a great time to connect with yourself and just sit with your thoughts. The only way to calm your inner chaos is to know your inner strength.

All youths aged 16 to 40 years are welcome to attend this online event FREE.

Why do I feel so low today?
Are my moods and feelings like a ping pong of high and low these days?
Do I experience these extremities quite often?
A well balanced life requires a balanced mind to achieve success at work and with relationships. It brings about peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction.
Our highly experienced speaker BK Rama Krishna will tell us how?

In order to empower the vibrant youth with the Power of Balancing, Brahma Kumaris has organized another unique webinar by a highly qualified and experienced speaker.

Rama Krishna
Strategic Advisor, Meditator and Organizational Psychologist, MBA, M.S., Mphil. Psyc.
Through the journey of life:
—Empowering people to empower others leads to a powerful and a positive chain reaction—
—Internal Harmony manifests external excellence—
—As one climbs up, giving becomes more important than getting and then achievement comes naturally—
—In helping someone experience his or her full potential we get closer to our own destination—
–A leader need not be in the front; a leader who facilitates ownership creates an impact multi fold–
Rama Krishna a Psychologist and a Management Coach by profession and a meditator by passion believes and
practices the combination of Modern Psychology and Ancient Meditation in his interventions to make lives better
and fulfilling.
Taking the pleasure of facilitating transformational leadership, he travels extensively across the country and
abroad to bring about a qualitative positive change in organizations and groups. With a diversified experience in
multiple fields, he interacts with the leadership and the young, policy makers and the managers, Intuitive and the
intellectuals considering it an opportunity to explore new dimensions for creative solutions. RK is associated with
few international organizations working on harmony and empowerment.
Rama Krishna did his masters in the Science of Psychology and Management, and MS in Counseling and
psychotherapy. He did his Master of Philosophy in Organizational Psychology and an MBA in Crisis
Management and Human Resources.
Areas of work, leadership and contribution:
● Organizational Psychologist, management coach and consultant
o Gave hundreds of lectures on various topics across the country and abroad.
o Addressed elite audiences in many national and international conferences.
o Conducted tailored programs addressing specific needs for variety of organizations like-
Universities and National Academies, MNC & Corporations, National and State
Government organizations, Nationalized banks, Educational Bodies, etc.
o Management Coach for HRD : Enhancing Managerial and Leadership qualities, Team
building, solution thinking, surpassing optimal potential, developing mentorship in
organizations, etc.
o Strategic advisor to organizations like Action for India and mentoring start ups,
o Statutory Board member of A.P. State Legal services Authority,
o Mediator of APSLSA
● Invitee to the Cabinet sub committees of the Govt. of A.P.
o Suggested ideas for A.P. Vision 20-20 Documentation
o Submitted 7 papers to different Cabinet Sub committees like Education, Health, Home,
Youth, Culture, etc. for the Secretariat of Andhra Pradesh Govt. for Vision 20-20
representing RERF.
● Academic Leadership at Shanti Sarovar Academy and University services
o Regional Coordinator and resource for content development for Post Graduate courses
like M.Sc., MBA etc., offered by Universities.
o One of the core resource and programme designers at the Academy
o Designed and executed many regional and national projects
o Writer, translator & publisher for over 300 books on discourses.
o Delivered more than 250 talks on life managing skills on TV, web media and radio.
o Member of Core committee, Youth wing – Raja yoga Education & Research Foundation.
o Administrative coordination with Governments
o Guiding Research dissertations and social projects.
● Social Leadership and Crisis management :
o Initiatives: At the time of tsunami, he visited the tsunami hit areas like Nagapattanam and
conducted counseling sessions for the traumatized families of the victims
o Trained many volunteers in counseling to provide a greater relief and organized
counseling and medical camps.
o Trained more than 1000 aspirers in Psychological Counseling courses and 300 aspirers
for Certification in psychological interventions.
o Extensively conducts programmes for Security personal of Military and paramilitary
forces like NSA, BSF, CRPF, CISF, Coast Guard etc.
o Conducted around 100 Group Counseling sessions catering to thousands of patients.
o Recognizing his services, he is invited to be the Non Officio member to advice Women &
Child Welfare department of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
o Organized National Youth Festivals involving 50 universities and institutions.
o Senior faculty for MBA in Crisis Management and MSC in Counseling.
Psychology for
Psychology for
Psychology for
Well being
● Consultant psychologist –
■ Psychology for excellence
○ Conducting sessions and programs for leadership and managers on topics like –
Solution thinking, Life managing skills, Performance optimization, Breaking mental
barriers, Fine-tuning the mental faculty, Facilitating transformational change, Stress
management, Meditation and mind management, Wellness and well-being etc.
○ Mentoring leadership to internalize the keys to abundance and self-management.
○ Developed the concept of extended pyramid of hierarchy of needs (Maslow’s pyramid)
based on his experience with people who have actualized self.
○ Conducting progressive relaxation sessions and meditation. Guided
○ IPL Royal Challengers, Bangalore Cricket team on handling pressure and field stress.
■ Psychology for Positivity – Reinforcing the positivity, which already exists in all.
○ Managing the mind, helping in understanding the self and inner Spiritual power.
○ Overcoming limitations, conflict resolution
○ Organizational counseling, reaching peak performance through systematic
reinforcement, self managing leadership
○ Mediation and Personality development
○ Family counseling, harmony in relationships through counseling
■ Psychology for Well-being – Helping and counseling people individually and in groups.
○ Work life Balance, handling frustrations, and fine-tuning life style.
○ Stress management, anger management and emotional independence.
○ Overcoming depression, Hyperactivity disorders
○ Stabilizing moods and emotions
○ Handling phobias, failure, risk aversion and other irrational fears.
○ Meditation, Spiritual awareness and auto suggestions
○ Desensitization, Neutralization procedures
Helping people sail from the safe harbor of the known to unexplored horizons.
—My greatest joy is when I facilitate with any leadership to bring about a qualitative change
in any organization; enhancing the experience of joy at work, balance in life,
Self-managing leadership, and service to humanity—


October 18
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Youth Wing, Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation


Online Zoom Webinar (details shared on registration)

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