Present Spiritual Head of Brahma Kumaris , Dadi Janki (aged 102 yrs) had a vision since over 10 years that Pune should have a symbolic remembrance of first Administrative head of Brahma Kumaris ( Matheswari Jagadamba Saraswati viz Mamma ). It is under her leadership and guidance that first milestone of Jagadamba Bhawan completed in January 2018.

Jagadamba Bhawan is a unique facility which provides higher education in the art of living, training in Raja Yoga Meditation and resources for lifelong learning.

The 2-acre complex is situated in peaceful surrounding, 10 kms away from the hustle and bustle of Pune city, equipped with ultra-modern facilities for learning and rejuvenation. The Centre has several departments that are in place for its smooth functioning.

The course, seminars and lectures conducted at Jagadamba Bhawan aims at achieving excellence through holistic personality development by empowering individuals to inculcate elevated virtues of life and providing the training in Rajyoga Meditation. This naturally improves the functioning of institutions or organisations too where the individuals work.

The unique attraction of Jagadamba Bhawan is Amphitheatre – Hill slope at backside of this premises is converted into an Open Air Amphitheatre to host seminars for almost 3500 people. It will be covered with tall trees to keep the audience in shade.

Jagadamba Bhawan comprises of Infrastructure block, Training Center Block, Health Centre, Telecommunications, Amphitheatre , Boarding and Lodging, and Spiritual Gallery. It is really worth visiting this amazing piece of architecture.